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Veejay Group based in Coimbatore, is a conglomerate of 4 organizations namely Veejay Textile Corporation, Textile Engineering Agencies, Veejay Polycans and Veejay FinePlast, each of which focus on different domains of the textile industry. Each organization, with its own set of well-equipped resources, works in tandem, towards achieving the primary goal of 'Customer Satisfaction'

Veejay Textile Corporation Established in the year 1985, focuses on the replacement requirements of the textile spinning industry. It specializes in providing replacement spares and accessories for the textile spinning machinery, right from carding to autoconer. This organization specializes in sourcing quality raw materials from reliable vendors at reasonable prices, manufacturing with strict quality control measures, out-sourcing certain operations, and in the process delighting the customer to no end. Also the experience of the company's human resources, comes in handy, when some of the products, which are not manufactured in-house, are outsourced.

Textile Engineering Agencies, was established in the year 1985, essentially as a trading house dealing with various branded accessories used in the textile industry. This concern acts as an authorized stockist / dealer of some of the popular names in the industry like Mitsuboshi, NITTA, Shavo, etc., to name a few. We maintain huge stock of timing belts, variator belts, pneumatic items, drums, jockey pulleys in our showroom at coimbatore.

Veejay Polycans, established in the year 1995, is an organization dealing with plastic cans used in the carding, drawing, combing and roving sections of the spinning industry. This organization works towards providing best in class quality at reasonable price to the customers.

Veejay Fineplast was set up in the year 2004, with the objective of providing quality and value added products to satisfy the yarn carrier requirements of the textile industry. This organization with its state-of-the-art injection moulding facility at Coimbatore focuses on manufacturing all types of yarn carriers that are used in various sections of the textile industry. The product range is ever expanding, with the organization, also focusing on customizing its products according to the requirement of the customers