Steaming Tubes

  • Steaming Ring tubes are special purpose tubes that are used in the production of high twist yarn.
  • Steaming ring tubes are made of special, unique engineering polymer blends depending upon the application and steaming conditions.
  • Steaming ring tubes of Veejay can withstand even the most rigorous steaming conditions used in the textile industry for large number of cycles.
  • Steaming ring tubes are available with microgroove finish as well as knurling finish.
  • Our special surface finish ensures that there is no slough off, thus preventing heavy wastage of expensive yarn after steam conditioning.
  • The special engineering polymer blend used in the Steaming ring tubes of Veejay ensures that there is no deflection / deformation due to the combined force of hoop stress generated by the yarn shrinkage on the package during steam-conditioning in the autoclave at high temperature, pressure and moisture.
Steaming Table:



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