Technical Specification:

Standard Specifications
No of Hanks & Gauge 40 + 40 = 80 Hanks, 33/8" Gauge
Circumference of Swift 54 Inches
Swift Roller Made out of quality steel pipe
Swift Arms Made out of Mild Steel
Swift Staves Made out of Triangular Section
Type of Reeling Plain / Cross Reeling
7 Lea Stop Motion Automatic Stop at the end of the doff
Hanks made 840 yards, 1000 metres
Index Wheel As per requirement
Doffing System Bridge type
Size of loose and fast Pulleys 8 Inches
Overall length of the machine 14 Feet
Overall Width of the machine 4 Feet
Power required ½ H.P. 930 rpm motors - 2 Nos
Cross moving arrangements Provided with "L" angle and with nylon bush
Choice of Cone creel / OE Cheese creel arrangement As per requirement
Maximum Speed
Maximum Speed 350 rpm

Machine Frame is made of graded cast iron stands and steel 'L' angles. The swift is made out of special steel arms fitted with Triangular Creel section and fixed on steel pipe. Complete swift assembly is well balanced. Fibre brushes are provided to clean the yarn. Brake system is so designed as to enable the operator to control the machine from anywhere throughout the length of the machine. Top board made from Mild Steel sheet is provided for keeping cops / hanks. Individual motor has been provided for each swift to save power during doffing time.

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