Textile Engineering Agencies is an authorized stockist of Shavo Pneumatic Products. A wide range of cylinders, valves, air filters, regulators and lubricators are available in our showroom at Coimbatore  
Pneumatic products
Shavo Filters are available in the following models:
Vayu Miniature - F10 Series
Vayu Intermediate - F20 Series
Vayu Large - F70 Series
Citation - F02 Series
Miniature - F07 Series
Plug In - F13 Series
Large - F17 Series
High Flow - F18 Series
Oil Removal - F39, F46, F47, F50, F51 Series

Shavo Regulators are available in the following models:

Vayu Miniature - R10 Series
Vayu Intermediate - R20 Series
Vayu Large - R70 Series
Citation - R02 Series
Miniature - R07 Series
Plug In - R13 Series
Large - R17 Series
High Flow - R18 Series

Shavo Lubricators are available in the following models:

Vayu Miniature - L10 Series
Vayu Intermediate - L20 Series
Vayu Large - L70 Series
Citation - L02 Series
Miniature - L07 Series
Plug In - L13 Series
Large - L17 Series
High Flow - L18 Series

Shavo Filter Regulator combinations are available in the following models:

Vayu Miniature - B10 Series
Vayu Intermediate - B20 Series
Vayu Large - B70 Series
Citation - B02 Series
Miniature - B07 Series
Plug In - B13 Series
Each series namely vayu, citation, miniature, plug in and high flow has got unique characteristics in terms of size, compactness, flow rate, pressure characteristics and application. The customer can select from this wide product range depending upon his application. Apart from this, Stainless Steel Regulators (R27, R77) and Stainless Steel Filter Regulators (B27, B77) are also available.

Shavo’s product range also includes

Pressure Switch
Standard Cylinders (ISO / VDMA cylinders - SCQR Series )
Compact Cylinders (SEJT Series)
Miniature Cylinders (SCMI Series)
Twin Guide Cylinders (SCGJ Series)
Solenoid Valve (SEAS, SVSE Series)
Pilot Operated Valve (SEAA Series)
ISO - 1 Solenoid Valve (SVSI Series)
Namur Valve (SVSN Series)
Direct Acting Valve (SVDC Series)
Manual and Mechanical Valve (SVMC, SVHB Series)
Hand Rotary Valve (SVHC Series)
One Touch Fittings (Push In Fittings)


  Veejay High Speed Winding Machines  
  Santha Veejay Double Swift Reeling
  Timing Belts  
  Variator Belts  
  Flat Belts  

Veejay Fineplast