Doubling Spares
Doubling Spares & Accessories

Veejay offers replacement accessories for doubling frames like Textool DY 600, Jeets Doubling, Santha doubling and Texmaco doubling. Doubling cap bars, stop motion wires, porcelain thread guides, ABS tin roller pulleys, aluminium and ABS separators, complete range of drafting and change gears are available with Veejay.

Veejay also offers various hand knotters like Uster, Cooks, Boyce and Fisherman L/22, L/24 and L/26 knotters. Splicers and its accessories can also be sourced from Veejay. Roller Picker gun and its accessories are also available.

Veejay also deals with general consumbles like green clearer cloth, white clearer cloth, wooden clearer rollers, endless flannels, all types of cleaning brushes, pneumafil gum tapes, leather aprons, cotton spindle tapes, carbon brushes, and perlon ropes.

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