Speed Frame Bobbins
Speed Frame Bobbins

Veejay offers most of the replacement accessories for speed frames like LR GS, LR LF1400, LF 1400A, and Textool TS 15. Complete range of mechanical replacement accessories could be supplied against running number.


Speed Frame Bobbins


Our product range also includes

  • Accessories like flyers and flyer pressures for all speed frames. We can offer 16" lift suspended type flyer assemblies as well.
  • Complete range of spur gears, helical gears, and change gears for any model of speed frame.
  • Eccentric cam, Top Cone Shaft, Bellows assembled, Pressure hose, etc.,
  • False twisters in PU, traverse guide (twin condenser), middle condenser, back condenser, serrated stopper and spacers for all speed frames.
  • Lifting chain assembly, wire rope assemblies, ball cage assembly.
  • Positive clearer spares, creel pulleys, rubber bellows and other items can be supplied against running number.


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