Drawing Spares
Drawing Spares

Veejay offers almost all the replacement accessories for draw frames like LR DO/2S Spares, rsb 851, LR DO/6, Padmatex Drawframe Spares, Flutted Rollers, Trumpets and Textool TD 302. We can also offer select replacement accessories for RSB 851 draw frame and Padmatex draw frame.

  • Drawing flutted rollers of Veejay are of exemplary quality. The surface finish of our flutted rollers is so good, that it would definitely enhance the quality of sliver.
  • Drawing pressure hoses for various draw frames are available.
  • Accessories like needle bearing top rollers, strippers, top roller brackets, sliver fork, contact fork, calendar rollers and sliver trumpets can also be sourced from us.
  • Apart from that, all types of gear wheels, brackets and housing, wire ring assemblies, timing belt disc, timing belt pulley can also be supplied, against running number.
  • Coupling, scanning rollers, funnel and other such items can be supplied for RSB drawfrrame.
  • In short, we can offer all the replacement accessories for drawframes against running numbers.
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