Winding Spares


Veejay offers replacement spares for cone winding machines like Textool RT 80, RT 95, RJK Cone winders, and Veejay High Speed Cone Winders
We offer complete range of accessories for these cone winders against catalogue numbers.  We maintain a healthy stock of 5°57’ / 9°15’ Cone Holder Assembly both finger locking type and rubber locking type, stop motion device spares like main lever assembly, lifting lever assembly, stopping hook assembly, stop lever assembly, ratchet bars and connecting wires.  Cone holders, plate springs, double plate springs, holder arms, holder stands, holder shafts and cam plates are manufactured strictly in accordance with the original specifications

High Speed Cone Winders
Veejay offers replacement spares for cheese winding machines like Textool DRT winder, RJK Parallel / Cheese winders and Veejay High Speed Doubler winders. Spares are available for Drum shaft assembly, Bobbin holder assembly, Stop motion assembly, Swing plate assembly, Slub catcher assembly, Upper and lower guide pulley and bracket assemblies, Starting handle assembly, Slip ring box assembly, Runner block assembly, and Rear thread guide assembly. Upper and Lower Guide pulleys are available in both anodized aluminium and stainless steel.


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