Veejay Group - a cluster of Progressive Professional Organsiations, based in the city of coimbatore, India, has been a reliable and renowned supplier of textile spinning machinery and spares since 1985. Over the years, Veejay has built a reputation for irresistible quality, unbelievable value, prompt delivery and customer delight, to name a few…

We at Veejay derive our inspiration from our customers, who believe in us for delivering products that satisfy their demanding needs and deadlines. Indeed, we take great pride in stating that, ‘Possessing Repeat Customers’ – the hallmark of any successful organization, is our greatest strength.

Textile Spares Yarn Carriers
Carding Spares
Veejay High Speed Winding machines
Sliver cans
Drawing Spares
Santha Veejay Double Swift Reeling machines
Ring Spinning Tubes
Speed Frame Spares
Timing Belts, Variator Belts & Flat Belts
Steaming tubes
Ring Frame Spares
Speed Frame Bobbins
Winding Spares
Bakelite Drums & Jockey Pulleys
Plastic cones & Doubler Winder Tubes
AutoConer Spares
Doubling spares & other accessories
OE & TFO cheese tubes
Perforated Cones and Cheeses